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BCD Hosts the Sanctuary of Hope Freedom Fellows

Twelve black and latino people in black stand together with their fists raised

August 2, 2022 (Little Rock, AR) – Pastor Kelvin Sauls and the Sanctuary of Hope Freedom Fellows visited BCD during their two week freedom ride, “A West to South Civil and Human Rights Encounter.” The Fellows represent young people from South Los Angeles who are visiting five states and historical sites, engaging in teach-ins and intergenerational conversations, and immersed in cultural experiences.


Sanctuary of Hope is committed to providing opportunities for young people to learn about social justice issues and to develop as leaders. The Freedom Fellows program provides an opportunity for young people to learn about social justice issues and to develop leadership skills. During their visit to Little Rock, the Freedom Fellows met with community members and learned about the history of the civil rights movement. They also had the opportunity to visit some of the historic sites associated with the civil rights struggle, including Little Rock Central High School, Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, Selma, Alabama, and Birmingham, Alabama.


By meeting with community members and visiting historic sites, the Fellows are gaining a better understanding of the civil rights struggle and its relevance to today’s social justice movement. If you are interested in sponsoring future Freedom Rides, email

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