Passion Project

Better Community Development Inc.  partnered with The University of Arkansas for
Medical Sciences on a SAMHSA funded initiative to expand and enhance prevention and treatment services available to low income, adult African American women in Arkansas who have substance use disorders and are at high risk for HIV/Viral Hepatitis  infection or transmission due to personal and environmental factors including, race, socioeconomic circumstance, trauma, sexual network, stigma, and lack of access to appropriate health care including mental health services.

The AR Passion Project seeks to decrease substance abuse and HIV infection and transmission rates among low-income, high-risk heterosexual AA women with substance use disorders by:

  1. active “street” and “agency” outreach that results in increased referrals and admissions of high-risk AA women with a substance use disorder to BCD;
  2. enhanced evidence-based, gender-specific, culturally competent, and trauma informed interventions that engage and retain women in treatment BCD;
  3. BCD admission testing for HIV, VH, and other health issues including co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders;
  4. referral, care coordination, and follow-up services for health care and transitional social support needs; and
  5. continuous, data-driven quality improvement that incorporates the voices of clients, staff, and partners.

Ashley Young
Program Manager
3805 West 12th Street Suite 203
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 515-1499
(501) 379-1577 (Fax)